Animal Control

What We Do

The City of Hoover Animal Control Department does far more than caring for lost, injured, and abandoned animals in our community.

We provide a variety of services that protect both citizens and animals including:
  • Assisting other agencies such as the city's Police and Fire departments, and neighboring animal control agencies
  • Capturing and transporting sick or injured wild animals to the Wildlife Care Center, where possible
  • Educating pet owners on the health and welfare of their pets
  • Helping citizens resolve nuisance problems such as complaints about barking dogs
  • Impounding loose and stray animals
  • Investigating dog bite complaints
  • Rescuing animals from locked vehicles and abusive or negligent conditions
  • Transporting stray injured animals to veterinarians for emergency care

Most importantly, we keep lost of pets safe and happy so they can be reunited with their owner or adopted into a new family.